Please check your goods within 48 hours of their arrival. Check that there are no breakages that the product is what you ordered, that the finish is correct.

In the unlikely case of damages or faults, please contact us directly at to arrange a replacement.


Unsuitable goods (even if you change your mind) can be returned within 14 days for a refund, less the outbound cost of transport, (usually €9.60/£8). If you want to arrange your own delivery back to us you will receive a full refund once the good have arrive back to us.


If the item is faulty we will usually arrange to collect the item at the same time as delivering a replacement. Broken glasses or missing components do not class as faulty and replacement parts will be sent. All breakages must be reported within the first 3-5days upon delivery.


If the item is not faulty you have to bear the cost of returning the item.


Outside Lights cannot be liable for any electricians costs due to pre-booked electricians, please check your goods fully prior to booking an installer.


For your peace of mind, we guarantee all our goods, in normal usage, for at least one year from date of purchase. Particular items, such as exterior lighting, may carry a longer period of guarantee. This will be indicated on the product if it is applicable.