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Bulkheads and Brick Lighting

Our Recessed Brick Wall lights are designed with practical space saving elements in mind whilst also being a good quality source of light. 

Bulkhead lights provide a robust style of lighting for outside areas and large indoor spaces. They’re often used by businesses and in industrial areas where bright light is needed constantly. Bulkhead lights are designed to be tough.  Bulkhead lights are also a useful security addition to the outside of your house and perfect for garage lighting. They also make dark garden pathways safer and easier to navigate.

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Exterior Bulkhead & Recessed Lights

Bulkhead lights are known for their durability and hardwearing.  They are designed to withstand dust, water and even acts of vandalism.  It is because of a bulkheads sturdiness that they are a popular choice for underground car parks, warehouses, outside walls and large commerical buildings.

From a security aspect bulkheads provide large amounts of light which in itself can act as a deterrent to vandals and thieves.  The high quality light from our bulkheads can illuminate your whole outside space.

Exterior bulkhead lighting although generally thought of as functional light bulkheads they can in some cases add character to the outside of your property.  Browse our bulkheads for a range of styles from vintage to contemporary outside lights to add functional lighting to your property without compromising on style

Recessed wall lights from Outsidelight.co.uk allow you to customise your lighting arrangement with their contemporary wall light designs. We offer premium finishes such as polished chrome and brushed stainless steel which will add an attractive look to your interiors.

Our trimless LED recessed wall lights give a stunning finished look with their ability to blend into the wall once plastered in.

Our range of recessed outdoor lighting available use minimal space and are insulated for long lasting use, making them the perfect choice for lighting up the exterior of your home. If you’re looking for ways to update your home, stylish recessed brick lights are a favourable choice.

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